Third Times the Charm


"Heh heh, who says I’ve been here for a long time, Roxas? Just because I’m not a freshman doesn’t mean I’m not new to the school. Besides, Shibuya is just a train ride away and it’s honestly a far more interesting city than this quiet little dab of perpetual sunshine."

The Shibuyan was smirking and chuckled as he walked towards the tower.

"There isn’t an elevator? Well isn’t that just silly. Now I have another excuse why I’ve never gone up. I’m not too fond of breaking a sweat you know. But I suppose if the view is as lovely as I’m sure you’ll profess, it will be worth at least one climb."

"Ha Ha Ha, though I do want to get away from Twilight Town. I will always love and protect it." Roxas stuck his tongue out at Josh. "Quiet and peaceful is where its at. Didn’t you know?" He scratched his head as he thought. He almost decided to stay quiet due to him assuming so much about his roommate instead of letting him speak. 

They reached the stairs of the tower, Roxas laughed as he heard Joshua complain about the work out he would be getting from. “Trust me, If you think the sky looks nice from where you stand, you’ll fall in love once you reach the top. And you’ll say Shibuya who ya?” He taunted the boy, smiling afterwards.