Sevyn Streeter - I Like It
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The bass could be felt in his chest as Roxas Hale danced. He hadn’t been to a party in quite awhile, after being so focused on his photos. It felt great to relax and unwind for once without it leading to sleep. Seeing everyone dancing around him made him wish he had a partner. Quickly moving through people to search for a good one, Roxas bumped a girl and quickly apologized to her. Though he was unsure she heard him, he moved on and went to a small opening on the dance floor. 

With his open black button up shirt and jeans with black and white skater shoes he began to move.

The blonde quickly pulled out a few moves he learned in class from other students before going into his own routine he made for the song. Get a little bit of attention from a crowd. A student he saw in dance class joined him. Hale got excited that they would work the dance floor together. “Let’s do it.” Their hips moved and they slid across the ground. with a few arm cross overs and robot moves. The love of the song was what got him pumped the most. He laughed as the girl did a flip and began to pop and slide around him as if she wanted to battle.

"Ooooh, alright." He smoothly moved with her and moved his shoulders with the beat. Stepping back he with a flick of the wrist, he popped his ankles and waved his body holding his chest with one hand and the other to his side. His next move was a two step with a cross arm and jumped grabbing his ankles and landing on his knees. He laid down turning over on his back, doing a wave with his body as his arms up and down with the beat. At the end of the song, They joined together and meshed their dance moves. the song stopped and the small crowd clapped. Roxas said his goodbyes and went back to the bar. The DJ spoke on the mic.

"We saw that! We wanna see how you all can do against that! Let’s replay that song right there!"

Roxas chuckled and shook his head as he sat at the bar. Moving his hips and thinking of new moves to put in it. “Just give me something sweet.”