If anyone had need of Xigbar, they would find him sitting at an outside table, a cup of coffee at one elbow and a newspaper in hand, catching up on recent news of the campus and surrounding city. He’s just left his afternoon class, and was winding down for the evening, before he’d return to his room and set to work on his latest Physics assignment.

He still hadn’t had a chance to interact with his assigned roommate, or with others at the university yet, but that would come with time.

"Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty." Roxas Hale worked out in grass near by. He lifted up and took deep breathes. He took his water bottle and poured some of it on his head. He thought he could do some sit ups, but without someone to help him he felt like he should wait. Seeing this tall figure near him, he got up to greet. "Hey, hows it going?" Seeming out of breath and sweaty. "Would you mind helping me out?"