Adventure (Rhyme & Roxas)


"Something like that," she smiled. "You seem like you have a creative kind of something about you, like your name would imply. It’s cool!"

"Thanks! That’s really nice."

They were seated in the restaurant and Rhyme neatly set her phone beside her and leaned forward a bit, her hands in her lap.

"I always liked booths more than regular tables. I mean, I guess everybody does." Rhyme laughed a little, covering her face with her palm. "I’m just saying this is the perfect place to sit. It’s really nice here, it’s obviously pretty popular, yeah?"

"Yeah, this place has been here since i was a kid." My mom worked here once upon a time. I use to get a free slice of sweet potato pie every night after school when I finished my homework at the bar." He pointed to the counter and the chef waved slightly. It was as if Roxas knew he would and without a glance away from the ceiling, the blonde greeted him. 

"So this is your first year here. Where ya from?"


Singapore Noodles by norecipes on Flickr.